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Sortafast Lowrider Titanium Screws -Low-Profile Button Head - 4pk (Metric)

Sortafast Lowrider Titanium Screws -Low-Profile Button Head - 4pk (Metric)


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Sortafast “Lowrider” low-profile titanium button head screws, featuring our low profile tapered head design. Sold in packs of 4.

•M3 thread
•Gr5 titanium
•Low-profile "Lowrider" head design, 1mm head height.
•2mm hex
•1.4mm shoulder for perfect alignment (4mm length has a 1.0mm shoulder)

Our lowrider screw has a shoulder above the threads, because of manufacturing limitations there is a slight radius between the shoulder and the head of the screw. In some instances where the through hole is not chamfered or the hole size is very tight the screw may sit slightly proud of the surface. Please take note of the shoulder when considering this option. If you need a fully threaded screw, our button head screws could be a better option. 

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